Music Review: Rudeboy – Oga

Rudeboy – Oga

Nigeria super star Rudeboy of the now defunct Psquare has released yet another hit single which he titles “Oga“., produced by Chrisstringz. The song majorly talks about the current happenings in the country.

The singer passed a clear message in the song, speaking against election thuggery, police brutality, says extra judicial killings amongst other bad things happening in the country.

Though, the song is an Afrobeat uptown song with a nice blend of some Caribbean and reggae sound. The song speaks against all this bad event in the country from the start to the finish.

Rudeboy was planning on releasing his album this month but had to put that plan on a wait as the current situation in the country keeps getting worse with a series of mass protest all across the 36 states in the country.

While all this might be disturbing the Fred flow of the music industry, rudeboy is not bothered about that but bothered about the suffering of the masses which the government seem to have been less concerned about.

Let talk About Music Review: Rudeboy – OgaRudeboy started the song by asking and wondering why the state of the country keeps getting worse. He then goes in length and talk about the hike in prices of food. Rudeboy speaks of the same people being in the government always without any positive change in the country.

He went on then, on to ask the government officials who he termed “oga” why they keep the suffering the masses. He went at length to talk about everything currently happening. 

For quite so long now the country has been suffering and we sure so need people who will speak on our behalf and that is slightly what rudeboy has done with this song. He has verbally opened up about the bad governance and suffering the people of the country are passing through every day without any possible solution or redemption in sight for the masses. This can be very worrying as the country has for long suffered in the hands of our bad government. Rudeboy therefore could not resist but speak against this bad governance in his song.

The Important Of The Song Rudeboy – Oga

The most shocking part of the song is where rudeboy starts giving the government some conditions they must fulfill before the country begin functioning well again. The song fore is quite powerful as rudeboy takes no prisoner in calling out our governments to get on their feet and make this country great again. He even made some quite serious call out to some politician who does nothing but embezzle the citizens money on quite their lavish lifestyle.

A lot which was happening in the country as at the time warranted for the release of the song and sure did serve it purpose. The country was going through a state of turmoil with the government of the day being irresponsible and less concerned about the suffering of the masses. Rudeboy was well backed up by other artist who also lent out their voice in speaking against bad governance.

The song no doubt is a very controversial song that talks about the current happenings in the country. Rudeboy did a good job making sure he aired the peoples voice.

He adequately spoke the mind of the people. The people has for long been looking for people to represent them and give them a voice and surely they have well gotten it.

As the massive protest continues to go across the country, people are beginning to realise how instrumental music can be to our fight against bad governance, and that is what rudeboy has clearly done in this song, he has made sure he portray the feelings of the people to the government and we sure do hope they will listen and make this country great again as it was once or even still make it quite better than it is now. 

The Lyrics Of Th Song Song Rudeboy – Oga

Rudeboy unique voice coupled with a sensational lyrics made the song really great to listen to. He had some major instrument playing which brought the uniqueness of the song to life. Rudeboy sure do still know how get the hit songs after the unfortunate breakup with his brother where they were know as p square.

The song is very thrilling and sensational to be quite candid. The rhythmic beat was well accompanied with his very unique and dazzling voice. Rudeboy has since the breakup with his brother released some very thrilling hit songs. This songs has gained massive airplay from radios and TV stations in and out of the country as well.

The Thought Of The Sing Rudeboy – Oga

With only a few weeks of it release, the song has started receiving love from fans, as many protesters are seen vibing to the song during the protest. It is also receiving massive airplay from radio stations. We hope the government will listen to and change the country for the better. 

Indeed, a good song is a good song considering the situation of Nigeria now, it surely plays a good role in informing the government that the people are not happy.

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