Music Review: Ajebo Hustlers – Barawo (Remix) Ft. Davido

Ajebo Hustlers – Barawo (Remix) Ft. Davido

After a successful campaign of their first hit song Barawo, Portharcourt duo Ajebo Hustlers come up with the remix of the song where they feature the Award winning Nigerian superstar Davido. The song is produced by 1da Banton, and it’s a real hit,every song David feature in is always a hit.

Ajebo Hustlers whose real names are Isaiah Precious and George Dandeson, are an Afro urban contemporary music duo from the southern part of Nigeria. The duo have their own unique style of music, infused with street slangs and catchy phrases, where they talk about happenings in the society.

Talking About The Music Review Ajebo Hustlers – Barawo (Remix) Ft. Davido

With the current situation of the country, it is a very timely song as they speak about the challenges facing the country, including police brutality, jungle Justice and bribery and corruption.

The song no doubt is a very controversial song that talks about the current happenings in the country. Ajebo Hustlers did a good job making sure he aired the peoples voice. He adequately spoke the mind of the people.

The song is a mid tempo afrobeat with a thrilling rhythm that fans can dance to. The duo talks of jungle justice.They talk of how thief are being killed without any legal trial. The duo also rapped in the song, also speaking about the bad things happening in the country. The most repeated line says “this country na wa o”.

The Purpose Of The The Song Ajebo Hustlers – Barawo (Remix) Ft. Davido

The people have for long been looking for people to represent them and give them a voice and surely they have well gotten it. As the massive protest continues to go across the country, people are beginning to realise how instrumental music can be to our fight against bad governance, and that is what Ajebo hustlers has clearly done in this song, he has made sure he portray the feelings of the people to the government and we sure do hope they will listen and make this country great again as it was once or even still make it quite better than it is now. 

A lot which was happening in the country as at the time warranted for the release of the song and sure did serve it purpose. The country was going through a state of turmoil with the government of the day being irresponsible and less concerned about the suffering of the masses. Ajebo Hustlers were well backed up by other artist who also lent out their voice in speaking against bad governance. 

The super star passed a clear message in the song, speaking against election thuggery, police brutality, says extra judicial killings amongst other bad things happening in the country. The song is an afrobeat uptown song with a nice blend of some Caribbean and reggae sound. The song speaks against all this bad events in the country from the start to the finish.

Davido’s Verse

The song starts with the voice of davido, where he can be heard saying he his tired of complaining and the people are also tired of the current happening in the country. He went on stating that they is no time for delay anymore, and that everybody must take action for a better Nigerian.

Thought Of The Song Ajebo Hustlers – Barawo (Remix) Ft. Davido

This can certainly contest as one of the biggest songs of 2020. The song was so well crafted that you just can’t resist but get to sing along to while it is being played. Most people might think this is just hyping. But let do something, why not you download the song below and let me know what you think of it in the comment box below. Do well to leave your honest opinions without any bias and then you will see how great this song is. It is just a hit and I’m sure you will love it to the core. Give it a listen and come back here.

With the feature of Davido, the song is a hit.With only a few hours of it release, it has started receiving love from fans. The song has starts gaining hundreds of download on online music streaming platform. If you haven’t heard it, download and have a listen.

The Song So Far

Indeed, the song is truly mid-tempo track which can compete favorably with Davido trending hit single titled fem, though its lyrics is different Barawo (Remix) focus on the situation of the country while fem on buffing followed artist. The song is a good one from such artist so far

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