How To Get 1.5G For N300 Data Plans On MTN Network In Nigeria

To get 1.5G For N300 On MTN

Are you an Mtn user? Are you looking for ways to get more data at a lower price? Well, Mtn has officially released another data plan called my Mtn offer or Mtn data offer4me. This plan allows users of the network, to get 1.5G data at just #300. Amazing right! Read through this article to get the full details on how you can be a partaker of this new opportunity.

Get 1.5G For N300 Data Plans On MTN Network In Nigeria

On this post right now, we will look at the new data plans from mtn called Mtn offer or Mtn data offer4me. Let’s see how you can benefit from this data plan specifically on how to get 1.5G For N300 On MTN .

At exactly the start of the new month, mtn released a new data plan that can be accessed through the short code *121#. The new mtn data plan is called mtn data offer4me. It simply allows mtn users get a huge 1.5G at just #300 with terms and conditions applied.

The plan is very easy to set up and activate on your mtn line, you just need to follow the guidelines given on this post to get the new offer. Before we go into the process let take a look at the unique feature of this data plan.

Features On How To Get Mtn 1.5GB For 300 MTN Subscription

1. This data plan is made available by mtn to all it users

2. Your browsing process is fast and smooth without delay or network failure

3. All network system can partake on this plan, whichever network you have, 2G, 3G or 4G.

4. Your device is not a barrier, as this plan works on all devices.

5. Data can be used on different browsing platforms.

With knowing the feature of this new data plan by mtn, it time you get to know how to activate this data plan on your device.

How To Activate Mtn 1.5GB for N300

Step 1:

Dial *121# on you device and wait for the pop up options to appear.

Step 2:

On the options menu, look for offer date4Me.

Step 3:

 A list of offers will be shown to you, which includes 1.5GB for N300, though the offer varies from 4GB for N1000, 200MB for N50 and 1G for N200.

 Different offers will be shown to you based on how active your line is.

Step 4:

Select 1 to active 1.5g for N300 plan or Look for the plan 1.5G for N300.

Step 5:Step 6:

 Click on the plan and it will be automatically activated.

Note: You need to have at least N300 airtime on your sim, before it can be activated.

If you follow through, then congratulation you’ve been rewarded 1.5G for N300.

Subscription Period

This subscription will last for the duration of seven days

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