Album Review: Burna Boy – Twice as Tall Review

Burna Boy - Twice as Tall Review

Burns boy had just released his much-anticipated album following last year’s Grammy nomination. The title of the album is released the album is expected to be a hit in the music industry, accompanying me as I pass you through the review of this amazing album.


Burna Boy Twice As Tall Album

The cover of the album depicts Burna boy as a human giant carrying people on his shoulder and standing around the Giza pyramid and the famous art of Benin Kingdom. The cover had quite a controversy when it was released but was mostly praised as being one of the best as Burna said he made it himself during the corona virus lockdown.

Let Begin Go Into The Album Review: Burna Boy – Twice as Tall 


Level up (Twice as tall) feat Youssou N’Dour begins with country music emphasizing double and triple height. The song talks about Burna’s struggle, his journey and the challenges he faced. Youssou N’Dour a musical veteran, brought along with him his traditional flow, in a unique way and the language was unique. There is no other sound like his. P. Diddy summarizes the closure with comparison between blacks and White.


This song is the second track being released, simultaneously from the first track. Alarm Clock is a call to the awakening of his sound.


This is that song that speaks about his thoughts that surround his life and does well to reveal the greatness of his personality.


This is a sleepy Afrobeat song. You just want to dance to the sound of high life and the strings that go with it, subtle and groovy.


This is the first song released outside the album, an accapella with sounds from the Cape of GoodHope mixed with language from Niger. Dope song you’d have to admit.


This one feels like Burna boy was on stage, the sounds and the arrangement of the songs are amazing. Get a beer in this one, and get better with the love of your life aside. This is the new king of the school, he is Burna.


This song reveals his early days, struggles and how he survived. It a song every young and upcoming artist would resonate with, Burna went deep on this one and it was great.


This song brings a whole lot different vibe to the table, it one where you can’t listen to on your sit, you need to bang to the song. You either step in with your dancing shoes or forget it… The song is definitely a vibe.


 This is a song that emphasizes the need for space, understanding and tolerance during life. The need for a good heart and that in fact, each one has his own. This brings you to logical meditation


This is a song on Michael Jordan’s amazing number, 23 is just a


This is a hot music on burnfire in the safari. He had to bring a Kenyan team, Santi Sol. This energizes, passes and sleeps. The situation in East Africa is very difficult and undeniable, ending with a statement of black beauty.


This is a revolutionary song and describes the neglect of government, the effect of colonialism and the coming unrest that may follow. He includes Chris Martin of Cold Play who is famous for his strong political stance and his cunning voice would not have been better suited for the chorus.


This song is a violent mode of Burna boy. He threw his PH (Port Harcourt) mental state into a song, making the song rugged and real.


This one is a completely amazing song with a British artist with his addictive verses. Real life is a song about meditation on the state of life itself, self, struggle and blessings we can never count.


This song emphasizes good health and the need for kindness to others. Burna was preaching about a man’s love for himself and his brother in this one, great song by Burnaboy.

Thought Of The Album So Far

The release of this Album Burna Boy – Twice as Tall, it has kept fans talking greatly about the album and for such indeed is a great one because all the tracks have good songs

Our Rating Of The Album

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The main function of this album is strong lyricism and unusual content for the Afrobeat artist. Words cannot describe or emphasize the context or content of the work body in a critical way. I’d personally rate the album 5 stars. 

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