How to use android phone as modem on PC or laptop

How To Use Android Phone As Modem On PC Or Laptop: Best Method

Easy Way: How To Use Android Phone As Modem On PC Or Laptop

Do you know that just with your smartphone, you already have a modem that you can use for internet. In fact, if your phone’s battery is good enough or if you want quick internet access on your laptop or iPad, or you just don’t want to invest in buying a completely isolated modem, your phone may be your best choice.

Unlike your USB module or dongle, your smartphone can not only provide your phone, but up to 8 device depending on your phone including iPad, Samsung tablets, Smartphones and even laptops or books stationery. How it works is that your phone gets internet through its 3G mobile antenna with the help of Simcard and provides internet access via Wi-Fi hotspot.

How to use android phone as modem on PC or laptop

Naming your wireless Hotspot

Different mobile applications have different steps to open a hotspot (also known as using a phone as a modem or online data sharing). But they all share the same basic things you should set.

The first is SSID which is the name of the wireless hotspot as seen by other devices. Different people have different meetings to name their physical location. You will usually go with something that identifies your mobile phone such as “Orashi hotspot” or you can go to something that may keep unwanted users from taking your phone data as they like or you can use a word that means what you do.

The second thing you need to set is your mobile hotspot password. This is so that you can protect anyone who does not want to access your data. Your must set your password to be at least 8 to 10 digit long.

It is recommended that you use fonts such as “Orashi434” or fonts such as “O@Rd444” to make it harder for hackers to access and use your phone data for free or access private information on your phone. Just remember that ordinary 123456 is not a strong password.

Unlocks the Hotspot feature

To unlock the HotSpot feature on an Android device, simply go to 

1. Settings

2. Use as a modem and HotSpot

3. You can share your internet via Cable (USB tethering) or Bluetooth if you do not want to drain your battery and do not share your connections with multiple users.

To use your Windows Phone as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and share your Internet connection, simply go to 

1. Settings

2. Internet Sharing, click on. 

3. If you are an Apple device owner, open

• Settings

• Personal Hotspot, click On.

Before opening your hotspot

Check out the following before opening that hotspot feature;

Make sure your smartphone software up-to-date

Note that the latest smartphone software can be a big security risk and connectivity issues. Any time you hear about a major security breach, the culprit is usually an unpatched software vulnerability. To keep things running smoothly on your smartphone, it is important that you update your software regularly.

1. Charge your phone so that the battery is full 

2. Don’t even think about leaving the charger while the Hotspot feature works especially if you are going to keep it for a long time 

3. This is because using a WiFi modem consumes a lot of battery.

4. Also make sure you have the right APN settings to enable data connection. This is usually automatic but sometimes the APN must be installed manually.

5. Upload a lot of your favorite red data from your service provider to have enough data to share

6. Set up your HotSpot by naming it and giving it a password to protect freeloaders as we discussed above. When you turn on HotSpot, allow the recipient devices to turn on their WiFi and enter the password you provided to connect to your HotSpot.

So how do you turn your phone into an internet modem. However, we still recommend that you purchase a USB modem or 3G router for your internet needs.

This is to prevent the battery from draining the battery. And the USB dongle is powered by your USB laptop port, so it doesn’t need a separate power source. If you have a family, then a private internet where the internet can be shared with everyone at home is the best choice.



Hope for what we have shown you in this article, certainly if followed properly . At the end, it would be worth it because you will have saved money and achieved your goal of getting internet access easily on your laptop.

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