How To Grow Your Music Career

How To Grow Your Music Career
How To Grow Your Music Career

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Music Career: The Best Ways To Increase Your Fan Base

When you’re starting a music career, most of your time is spent either practicing in the studio or playing gigs. You have to do everything yourself because you can’t really afford an agent or manager. You might not be making any money at all, but it’s worth it if people like your music. The key to growing a music career is to put out songs that sound professional and get people talking about you on social media. It’s also important to be unique and authentic so that people know who you are and what they’ll get when they come see you play. An opportunity may come up soon, so here are some tips

Section 1: The music career from the beginning
Section 2: The best ways to increase your fan base
Section 3: Playing gigs and going on tour
Section 4: Growing your music career not only takes hard work but also good planning
Section 5: Conclusion

The music career from the beginning

It’s pretty difficult to launch your music career at the beginning. It may seem a little overwhelming and expensive, so you might want to start with something small and do a series of live acoustic shows. People will always be your biggest fans and they’re the most loyal, so you should aim to get them to come to your shows as often as you can. Your video should be engaging

The first thing that you need to do is think about your music video, because that’s where most people go to see your music video. It should be catchy and engaging, so people don’t forget about it. To create a video like this, you need to have a lot of ideas. The next thing you’ll need to do is learn how to edit a video. You can find some great tutorials on YouTube.

The best ways to increase your fan base

You want to make sure you’re actually getting the chance to play as often as you’d like to, but you’ll need to be careful about which gigs you want to take.

You want to choose gigs that allow you to play with other artists, which means you’ll probably want to play for a bigger band instead of an intimate crowd of just you and your band. Keep in mind though, if you’re playing a popular venue with a band with a reputation, then it’s more likely that you’ll be ignored or turned away if you’re not seen as good enough to play.

So you’ll want to choose a gig that’s more professional if that’s your intention. Focus on your sound It might sound silly, but all you have is a voice and an instrument. What you have to concentrate on is your sound.

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Playing gigs and going on tour

Playing live gigs is a way to get noticed, get people talking about your music, and get more gigs. Try to get as many live gigs as you can every year and be playing all different types of gigs. Sometimes I’ll book a gig with a band I’m friends with and then go on my own, or I’ll book a booking for a showcase where I’ll play with different bands.

Touring is something a lot of artists aren’t good at because it’s a time commitment. You need a day job to help pay for the tour. It’s not always easy to find an opening act, and the cheapest one is always the worst. Once you have a tour booked, you’ll have to work extra hard to get people to come out. If people like you, they’ll usually just send you an email or text saying they want to see you play. Send it out as soon as you can.

Growing your music career not only takes hard work but also good planning

Don’t get me wrong. I love practicing. But a lot of the time, practicing is for naught. Sure, you might get better at making music, but it’s hard to predict how you’ll do that. What if you really suck? The key is to make sure you’re in the studio more often than you are practicing. And the same goes for gigs.

Most shows last for just a few hours, so there’s no need to dedicate multiple hours to a full set. You just need to play well and have fun! The important thing is to just keep putting out new music and connecting with fans on social media. You’ll want to be playing well-known clubs by the time you’re ready to book bigger shows. That’s when things get exciting. Develop a good fan base How do you do that?


Hopefully, these tips have helped you on your way to becoming the next breakout musician. If not, keep working hard. You’ll find that success eventually. Until then, enjoy the ride. Don’t take it for granted.

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