Album Review: Wizkid – Made In Lagos Album

Wizkid – Made In Lagos Album

Finally the long awaited Wizkid “Made In Lagos” Album have been released. It has been about three years since Wizkid Starboy last give his fans an album. Fans have been anticipating this album for long and now it is finally here.

Let Start Discussing About Album Review Wizkid – Made In Lagos Album

Album Cover

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This Album cover contained all the list of possible tracks in “made In Lagog” album

• Reckless

Reckless is the opening song of the album where Wizkid takes his time to talk a lot about how people have tried to bring him down during his career and how he has also seen favour which he says he would never take for granted. The song started with a very smooth bass and a thrilling saxophone that made it a whole unique vibe.

• Grace

This is the ending song of the album. Wizkid also take his time to acknowledge all good things that have happened to him throughout his career. He strategically made sure show his gratitude in the opening and closing song. This is another great song from the album you must listen to.

• Ginger

This one was probably the biggest for fans. It is because he features the African giant in it, Oluwa Burna boy. It has been very long since fans saw a Wizkid and Burna boy collaboration. But it finally happened and it was a total hit. Burna boy brought his A game and this song is making fans wonder if we will ever see a Wizkid and Burna boy collaboration again. But let keep our fingers crossed and hope for it to happen.

• Piece of me

Piece of me sees Wizkid feature Ella Mia. The song talks about both lovers getting a piece of them, as that was repeated over the course of the song. The song might not be a fan favourite but there is no taking always it melodious rhythm. The guitar was also made use in this song and rhythms for me where out of this world. Really thrilling melodious rhythm.

• Blessed

Blessed is another song off the album that talks about his gratitude for being blessed. The song sees Wizkid feature Damian Marley. Both artist talked a lot about how they’ve been blessed by God. Wizkid repeatedly made mention that he will ball out and not worry about anything negative. Nice one from star boy.

• Longtime

People might think featuring a big international artist would be a problem but Wizkid had made us see that anything is possible. On this track Wizkid features skepta where both artist talks about their love for a girl. Skepta started the song with his thrilling lines and then Wizkid follow. This is one of fans favorites.

• Mighty wine

This is certainly another fan favorite. The song talks about Wizkid telling his girl to wine her booty for him. This base line in this one is very thrilling. Wizkid went core and gave fans what they wanted. Another nice song if you ask me. 

• Gyrate

This is one of the most electrifying song from the album. It is very thrilling and fans are loving it. The song talks about Wizkid partying with his goons along with his girl. He mentions how she want them to get drunk and party all high long. This is certainly on of the hit track from this album you have to listen to. 

• Smile

This track sees Wizkid features H.E.R. The both artist talks about their love life. They kept on professing their love for their lovers. The song has a thrilling melody that makes it one of fans favourite. Wizkid constantly talking his love for his girl, it just a great song.

• No Stress

Am sure we have all had enough of No stress. Wizkid “No stress” came about as just a sneak peak at the singers upcoming album “Made In Lagos”. wizkid and his team wanted to give fans what the album MIL would be like, so they came up with the song ” No stress” which speaks about the singer not stressing his woman and giving her all she wants, both financially and physically, Starboy still have his style intact.

• True One 

This is another song off the track that talks about his love for his girl. The song sees Wizkid features Tar Iwar. Some lyrics says: My days

When I’m not with you baby

Ooh, your love keeps me warm (Ooh, oh no)

Unconditional prisonner (Yeah), number one (Yeah, yeah)

Your love give me something’ I want (Yeah). It really a nice song you should listen to.

• Sweet one

This is another song off the album with a more thrilling kind of beat and rhythm. The rhythm was on point and very thrilling. Really nice song from star boy. He talks about how he wants nobody to woo his girl and how he loves her so much and want he around him always. 

• Essence

This track sees Wizkid features Tems. They both talk about their love for their girls in a very thrilling way. The song is accompanied by a mid tempo base that is really relaxing. Tems  came up with lyrics like;You don’t need no other body

You don’t need no other body

Only you fi hold my body

Only you fi hold my body

You don’t need no other body

• Roma

On this song Wizkid features his own signee, Terri. It yet another song that talks about their love for their girl. Terri came through with the following lines; Na so she dey do the things wet dey bursting my head o She crazy like a rockstar She come clean But she get in my head o yeah She wanna go my side so she’s asking ahead o Say say she go like to stay a lot (Oh yeah) Say she no go run commot (Oh yeah)

Album Ratings

WizKid offers an integrated collection of singles and there is a focus on production seen in all of his albums to date. There is a separate cable for all tracks that allow for non-compliance to the project. This sometimes blends well, splitting may not always be easy. Apart from this, the album shows maturity in WizKid and his growth can be felt as he marries the temples of simple and warm listening throughout his fourth album.

Production – 7/10

Vocal – 8/10

Lyrics – 8/10

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