Music Review: Wizkid Ft Burna boy – Ginger

Wizkid Ft Burna boy - Ginger

After a long wait, Wizkid star boy finally came through with his much anticipated album titled Made In Lagos. Wizkid should have released the album months back, but he didn’t because of the #Endsars nationwide protest in Nigeria. Shortly immediately after the protest, Wizkid released the made in Lagos album, and fans can’t just have enough of it. 

Talking About The Music Review “Wizkid Ft Burna boy – Ginger

The second song on the album sees Wizkid feature the African giant Burna boy, titled Ginger. The fans have been waiting for the collaboration all year long and finally they have gotten it. And it is a hit. The song has really got fans talking about social media as some are saying it is their favorite song off the made in Lagos album.

Burna boy, recently released his own album titled twice as tall. The album also did great in the Nigeria music industry. With the release of Wizkid made in Lagos album, fans could not resist but try to compare both artist album to know which is more better.

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And so twitter has been divided as many chooses Wizkid made in Lagos album while others chooses Burna boy’s Twice as tall album. While many has requested Davido to release his own album. The lyrics of the song was also on point as both artist did great with their lyrics. Below are some lyrics from both artist.

[Chorus: Burna Boy & Wizkid]

[Burna Boy]

If you want make I ginger give me the kokoro

Ma ko je bi jollof

Anywhere I go

Je kan mo pe mo ma gbomo lo

No dey do like bolo


If you want make I ginger give me the kokoro

Ma ba o je bi jollof

Come make I

Come make I show you my kponono

No dey do like bolo

Oh yeah

[Verse 1: Wizkid]

Yeah yeah

Make I touch your body

Make I rub, make I love, make I rub

Make I touch up pon it

Make I rub around it

Say like a lotion

Imma rub imma rub

Imma rub upon it

Like fine wine, say you sweet when you whine it

Me I no fit leavе when you whine it

As long as you we go dеy

Omo na me go pay



We go dey, We go dey

We go dey nice

If we enter the place I go dey nice

I go freaky freaky freaky

I go rewind

Say na me go be the DJ

Omo feel nice ooo

Say my party no dey stop til the daylight

Before you run go dey shayo

Make you think twice

If smoke you wan smoke say we dey tight

Omo ma lo go

Say we live nice

Yeah yeah

The song talks about their love life with a little inclusion of their sexual life too. The both stars can be heard trying to cajole a girl to accepting them so they can stay together.

Our Thought On The Song So Far

With only few days of it release, the song has garnered lot of streams and download from online streaming and downloading platforms. It has also received massive airplay from radio stations and TV shows across the country, it’s a good song

Ratings Of The Song


Production of the song is excellence and sound mature, we gave it 7 out of 10 on production rating


The vocal is perfectly ok, we rated 8 out of 10


The lyrics well presented and we rated 8 out of 10

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