Music Review: Reekado Banks ft Wizkid – Omo Olomo

Reekado Banks ft Wizkid - Omo Olomo

The current state of the country has made many artist postpone projects they plan on working on, including singles, EP and Albums. The focus of top artist is now on the protest currently going on across the country.

Reekado Banks didn’t really felt the effect of the protest, hence went on to release a song he did with star boy Wizkid months before the protest. The song is titled “Omo Olomo“. It is a plain mid tempo song that talks about his love for his girl. The song was produced by serial hit-maker, Blaise Beat.

Rekado banks is one artist you can’t resist but just love his songs and vibe along to. He has constantly over the years released hit upon hit. Rekado banks is just like a don in the music industry, he has also made way for many other young artist in the industry. Having been under the great don jazzy, you can only expect rekado banks to be as good as his former boss. 

The Review of The song Reekado Banks ft Wizkid – Omo Olomo

The song started with an Indian like flute playing in the background. Next, came up the voice of Wizkid, with a thrilling vocal and nice lyrics.  Wizkid lyrics includes:

The song talks about Reekado and Wizkid being faithful and loving to their girl. Reekado mentions that he will make sure she is always satisfied both financially and physically. Reekado takes his time in pleading with his girl to be patient and not get upset about anything. 

This is just a feel good track from Rekadobanks. The track was short and precise. Reekado did well not to stuff lot of lyrics instead he made it short and very thrilling. It has the potential of being a hit within few weeks more to come. All you just need to do is to vibe along to the track. The presence of Wizkid made it even more awesome as Wizkid didn’t fail to disappoint but brought his A game and made the song more thrilling. This for me was a nice hit from both superstars. 

The Release Of The Song Reekado Banks ft Wizkid – Omo Olomo

The Release of the song was very controversial, as wizkid wasn’t too happy Reekado had to release the song in this hard times the country is going through. Upon the release of the song, wizkid made an angry tweet to Reekado, calling him a fool for ignoring the current happenings in the country and releasing a song that speaks nothing about the situation.

Wizkid sure do knows how to air his views as he wasn’t afraid to let reekado knowns what he think about the releasing the song at that particular time which might have seem unfavourable or completing out of balance due to the serious protest that was being carried out simultaneously in the country. And so, Wizkid had to call out reekado on social media telling him how disappointed he is that he would release a music in such odd times and hours. Wizkid only stressed out the fact that the timing of the release of the song wasn’t good at all and that reekado should have reconsidered before releasing the music during the time which he did.

There no saying much about the issue, because lot of fans were behind Wizkid in his opinion. As some noted that reekado was being insensitive about the current issue going on in the country instead he went on to release a music without considering the suffering of the people. Certainty things didn’t go as planned for reekado as he went on to lose quite some money as well. And this is the sad reality of how things are. Reekado should have done better instead of releasing a music at such time.

Wizkid was definitely disappointed by Reekado and had to call him out on twitter. The tweet from wizkid has seen different reactions from fan, with some saying he was too harsh with his tweet. And others saying, he was right, that Reekado was indeed a fool. 

Thought Of The Song Reekado Banks ft Wizkid – Omo Olomo

From my point of view, both Superstars we’re both wrong. Reekado was wrong for releasing that kind of song during this had times in the country. Wizkid was wrong with the way he addressed Reekado. He could have done it politely or better still call him privately and explain to him why it wrong to release the song now. 

The song was timely wrongly released, the country is seeking change and justice, the fans are in the rain and sun protesting. All Reekado could have done was hold on a little bit until the whole protest goes down.

In general it was a great song but the time of the release was wrong. Reekado could have joined the protest and hold the song. The thrilling vocals of wizkid and nice lyrics of Reekado made the song a great one. 

Ratings Of The Song Reekado Banks ft Wizkid – Omo Olomo

The Production of the song was excellent and we gave it – 7 out of 10

The Vocals of the song are extremely good and we gave 8 out of 10

Lyrics – 8/10

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