Nigeria and American Music Comparison Today – Review

Nigeria and American Music

Music is the thread that binds us all together regardless of Culture, ethnicity, gender, race or language. Even if you can’t hear the lyrics, the tune still speaks to us. It is something that has been with us the times of the cavemen and has been increasing in versatility and style for thousands of years. We are at a state where our society cannot survive without it, as it serves us very great purposes, from its role in protests, to its educative, entertaining and meditative.

Nigeria and American Music Comparison

Today we are going to be comparing two countries, Nigeria and American Music that are giants of music in their own continents, these countries are none other than the United States of America, and I will give you a clear comparison between the music that originates from the United States of America and the one from the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nigerian Music

Nigerian entertainment, music on the other hand is heavily tied to the tribe that the singer is from this illustrates itself much in language the singer uses. The Nigerian music style is very diverse and has a lot uses. It originated from the call and response styled singing formally used for work song. It has branched greatly since then accepting some forms from European and Asian styles while still maintaining its African originality and style. It is heavily centered on Hip hop, African pop and local beats , heavily used by the giants in the industry like Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid, Partoranking

Nigerian Music is by far the most popular form of music in the whole of Africa even topping South African music. Nigerian music stars are the most popular in the whole Africa are also very popular in the Americas, Asia and Europe, clearly illustrated by Davido, Burna Boy, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage etc.

It is evolving greatly seeking to expose our rich heritage to the world in so many ways.

American Music

American music is the most popular music in the world and constantly tops all charts, as it stands now; your favorite international music artist is most likely to be a US citizen e.g. Being Nicky Minaj, Alan Walker, Beyonce, Rihanna, Quavo. American music is popular in its regular use of syncopation and mostly asymmetrical rhythms and its long and highly irregular melodies, which reflect the diversity that is very well placed in the USA and the personal freedom of American life that singers like Jaden smith clearly displays, which we are very popular with. There are Some very  unique aspects of the American music style that so many cultures all across the world strive to emulate, the most popular of these is the call-and-response format that was incorporated into Rap, the Migos uses this often, which I must point out has its origins in  local African tunes.It is a form of Music  that is permanently tied  with the aspects of the  American social, cultural and aesthetic  identities, its social class, racial diversities, various ethnicities , topography, its diverse religious views,  genders, and the sexuality. The most important of these is the link between race and music; it is the most potent determiner of musical meaning in America. It is this link that led to the development of a unique African American musical identity, which was derived from African and European influences, for example, music by African Americans is treasured all across the world and has been a constant theme in the rich musical culture of America. This genre of American music has seen the most growth in the last century, producing giants like Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Jay Z, Young Thug e.t.c

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