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Music Review: Omah Lay-Godly

Understanding The Music Review Of Omah Lay – Godly

The talented and sensational artist Omah Lay has recently released another earth shattering hit single titled Godly. The Lo Lo crooner just couldn’t stop releasing hit after the success of his immediate released singles.

The new song is part of a body of works the young artist has been working on. Omah Lay has been a sensational artist since the inception of his music career in Nigeria. From releasing hit upon hit, the singer seems to be showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. Omah Lay ever since breaking into the Nigerian music scene has done nothing bit release only hit after hit, making him a potential threat to all the A and B list artist in the industry. He had been on a steady rise ever since his first hit which took our airwaves. The young, talented artist has subsequently been featured by other top artist where he has effectively made his mark and has really been a hit maker in the music industry with just less than a year of being in the industry and doing great stuff. Surely the gut is real talent.

The song was made without him featuring any top artist and yet it grew to be a real bomb in the music industry. The singer has steadily been on the rise and has comfortably made it known that hard work and talent is all you need to be the next superstar in the Nigerian music industry and believe me when I say Omah lay has been a phenomenon in the music industry ever since his first single. GE has gone on to give fans hit after hit with is something you don’t get to see everyday from a young and up coming artist. Omah lay has steadily revolutionalise his sound and has made it one of the best we have in the industry right now.

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Let us Talk about the Review: Omah-Lay-Godly

Godly is a thrilling sensational song from Omah Lay where he can be heard thanking God. Omah thanked god for not being Ungodly and made it know clear that he is also grateful knowing that man is not god in any way. He went to mention that God is his only assurance in life and that’s why he enjoys himself sometimes knowing that the way God thinks is definitely different from the way man thinks.

This Song is a mid tempo Afrobeat with quite very thrilling beats that is sure to make fan go wild and dance to it anywhere it is being played. The singer has done well in crafting the lyrics of this songs. It just seem like bi effort was put into it, he literally just made it happen seamlessly and believe me, it was a real banger. Omah lay is nothing but just good vibes. The beat and lyrics were totally on point. You certainly wouldn’t believe this is a music done by a found artist in the industry. Believe me Nigeria is blessed with talent. 

Our Thought On The Song

Within only few months of it release, the song has topped global charts in the world. Omah lay has toured this song in so many country both in Africa and outside Africa. The song is now on all online music streaming platform. You can visit any one and buy or download the song for free. The song has also been ranked number one in many music ranking of both radio and TV stations. It is just amazing to see how people are loving this song. It is one song that you can’t resist but sing along to. 

If you’d ask me, this song has the potential of being the number one song of the year. Tho it might seem too early but believe me it is very deserving of the title. Omah lay has put in a lot of work and certainly it is one hell of a hit you have to listen. The video of the song has also been recently released and it has gotten everyone watching and singing along to it all day long. This is really a beautiful song from Omah lay, the guy is just extremely phenomenal. Such a great artist.

If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can go buy or download it from online streaming and download platforms. You can then let me know what you think of it after hearing the song. Am sure you will be dancing to it when you have a listen. It is really a big jam in the Nigerian music industry right now. Everyone is currently vibing to this song both celebrities and non celebrities are also listening and dancing to it online. Many people have created videos of the slow mo challenge using this song. It is just great to have such a artist like omah lay in the music industry. 

The Song Rating

Production – 7/10

Lyrics – 8/10

Vocals – 8/10

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