Music‌ ‌Review‌ ‌‌ ‌Runtown‌ ‌ ‌ ‌Kini‌ ‌Issue

Music‌ ‌Review‌ ‌:‌ ‌Runtown‌ ‌-‌ ‌Kini‌ ‌Issue‌

After taking a break from the music industry and having an international affair, Runtown  makes a return to music with a mid tempo love single titled “Kini Issue

Multi talented musicians and songwriter, Runtown just recently came out with a new single called “Kini Issue” and this will make it the singers second single in this year, the first being “body ridim

Well respected for his unique style of music, Douglas Jack Agu, whose stage name is Runtown is a Nigerian pop star, singer and songwriter.

Runtown has two huge album under his belt, which includes 2015 Ghetto University album where he features great act like, DJ Khaled, EDM icons, Major Lazer and Nigerian own Wizkid and the second being the 2019 EP dubbed Tradition that made number one album spot on iTunes and Apple Music after just few hours of it release.

With a host of hit singles on his belt which includes Billboard-charter, Mad Over You, the singer sits proudly as one of Nigeria most travelled genre artist featuring A list acts all over the world.

“Body Riddim” sees runtown focuses on the physical appearance of his lover, while on “Kini Issue” expresses his emotional attraction to his lover.

Let Talk About The Music‌ ‌Review “Kini Issue”

Runtown Kini Issue review

The song starts with a low tempo beat that is danceable to, immediately after comes the voice of runtown, talking about how his lover messes up with his brain. He mentions how he loses focus on general things in life. He kept on repeating she’s messing with his head.

Then he moves to telling his lover to give him issue, he speaks also of bad and negative vibes, stating that he wants bygones to be bygones.

The beat involves a unique blend of Afrobeat and low tempo beats, with the unique voice of runtown  together, the song is definitely one fans love to hear over and over again. 

Runtown can be hears telling his lover to do what he wants, such as dancing and moving cause he’s ready to spend his money to satisfy her. 

The song sees Runtown  uniquely transform from talking about his lover to talking about bad vibes and negativity. Tho the song centers on his lover, Runtown made sure to warn negative people to stay clear off him.

With only few weeks of release, the song has garnered thousands of streams and download from online streaming platforms. The song has also gained much airplay from radio stations and other music airing platforms. 

This is certainly the magic of runtown, after staying quite for a long time, then boom, he comes out with a bang such as this. Tho the singer has only released two singles since this year 2020. The singer has revealed in a recent interview that he’s cooking up some more hit before the year comes to an end.

That means as a runtown lover, you should be expecting some more bangs from runtown in the subsequent months to come.

The Song Rating

Now let talk about ratings. For me, it a great song from Runtown, and being a lover of slow tempo beats like this song I’d have no choice but to give it an 8 out of 10. The nature of the music is relaxing to me, and honestly that’s what most of us want in our lives right now. Get the song and get a chilled drink with it, relax and enjoy the hit from Runtown, not many artist in Nigeria makes such kinds of songs.

There you have it, an honest review of the song Kini Issue by Runtown, let me know your ratings of the song on a scale of 10 using the comment box below and don’t forget to tell a friend about this blog. We release great content like this on a daily basis. Happy listening, cheers…

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