Album Review : Patoranking Three

Patoranking New Three Albums gives you the feeling of listening to a song filled with a sound message combined with good sounds.

Patoranking officially released his new 21 track album on 23 of August 2020. You might want to know that his first debut album God Over Everything was released in 2017 and subsequently released his Weimer Album in 2019. This shows how Patoranking has grown his music over time.

Talking about the Album Review “Patoranking Three “

While the Album might still be new, it is believed by music lovers that this is going to be his biggest album. The Three Album is one that Patoranking put in efforts in making sure the sounds are unique and very melodious.

Tho, one might suggest he would relax on his genre of music and ease into other sounds, but Patoranking didn’t disappoint his fans, as he makes sure his Three Album, Resonate his long time sound.


A song like, ‘Whine It’ featuring Sauti Solmight is one fans are loving, because here, Pato blended well with Sauti, and produced a wonderful song fans love. In order word, pato never tried impressing us with his vocals or lyrics, he made it simple and the vibe was something fans and critics would love.

Owing to its track listing, the production on Three seems quit long because he made sure every song sound different and unique.

Patoranking made sure he added sounds from many countries majorly from Africa. And we must admit Dera made Whine it really sexy and unique, giving fans what they want.

Many of the album songs are highly inspired by the female sex. Its highlight is a Disco / Funk song produced by DJ Coublon, ‘Black Girl Magic.’

Patoranking, on the other hand, aims to compliment a black woman on her skin tone and figure, therefore, the song actually promotes the beauty of black women.


That vision furthers Patoranking’s well-written enthusiasm for dedication, activism and growth. For Wilmer, the song ‘Black’ elevated the dark skin, and now he is here elevating black women to a masculine look in contrast to Beyonce’s calm spirit ‘Brown Skin Girl.’

However, Patoranking keeps track of the last two of the Three with his ongoing black pride festival and romantic ideas.


‘Lion In The Jungle’ is a Reggae song about the unique struggles of black people to success while, ‘Love Is The Only’ goes from being a black burden to ‘Black’off Wilmer into a love affair as the only way humanity can prosper.


In Highlife / Doomba, Patoranking is in love with a black woman in, ‘Mon Bebe.’ For an Igbo man, love is no worse than calling a woman, “morning dew…” and “Speedometer.”

‘Mon Bebe’ is actually from France, ‘My baby.’ And as aided by the delivery of Flavor with delicious lambs in the form of onomatopoeic adlibs, Patoranking makes strong promises of sweet love. However, Patoranking is not all emotional and loving dovey, creating many songs such as, ‘Whine It.’


There is more to say and do in a woman’s body than just a young man’s thinking, right? Patoranking explodes in his shell and sings about a woman’s body in, ‘Yo Body.’

Apart from how Patoranking was able l to appreciate a woman’s body without thinking badly of them and politely saying, “I want to bring your body,” the way he supports his concordance plan in the first verse, ‘Yo Body’ in ‘never-boring announcement to his listener is amazing.


‘Abule,’ which is the major single in the Three Album is Patoranking’s deep devotion to Lagos and its roots in Abule Egba. The song is also a bridge between youth-esque appreciation for women in a beautiful sexual world


‘Brrrr’ also enjoys femininity, but its Konto design just takes sex to another level. “Breakfast in bed, but it’s food” is also a real wild line.


‘The Matter’ is a clear sex festival as it is supported by the bahd African girl herself, Tiwa Savage. But alongside ‘Whine It,’ ‘Odo Bra’ and ‘Do Me’ are the top three songs on the album.


In the end, even though Third could be Patoranking’s best album from cohesion, balance and lack of collections / idea of ​​filling, it has no amount of shock. Even though the three songs are the same, it makes music lovers to always want more.

It’s not just about making good albums, music should keep the listeners glued.

My Ratings: Over 10

8.0 – Good

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