How To Use Your Credit Card Without A Billing Address

How To Use Your Credit Card Without A Billing Address
How To Use Your Credit Card Without A Billing Address

Tips”- How to use your credit card without a billing address

Using a credit card without a billing address can sometimes pose a lot of difficulties on individuals as it is almost impossible to use a credit card without a billing address. In this article, we’ll be considering some few ways of using a credit card without a billing address.

What a billing address means.

A billing address is an address/ location associated with your credit card. It is the address where your paper bills and billing statements are brought monthly. This could be your home, office or a post office nearby.

It is important to note that the billing address is different from the shipping address. While your billing address is where your bank statements are brought, your shipping address is where you receive your orders and delivery.

Some people use an address that is different from their billing address as their shipping address but it’s more appropriate to use your billing address as your shipping address.

Billing address can also be called mailing address and it cannot be found on the body of your credit card to avoid identity theft. Instead, it is usually found in the billing statements brought to you monthly. You can also find it when you log into your account in the card issuers app.

The importance of a billing address cannot be overlooked as it plays a role in preventing identity theft and fraud.

How do I use a credit card without a billing address?

In most transactions that involve the use of a credit card, the billing address is usually asked for especially if it is an online transaction. This is so because your goods will be shipped to the address provided.

Maybe you don’t want to provide your credit card billing address, then you should use these methods instead.

  1. In person purchase: Physical stores don’t require a billing address for the transaction
    to take place so in person purchase suggests that rather than sit in front of a computer
    and shop, you’d rather have to go and buy whatever you need from a brick and mortar store since they wouldn’t require your billing address.
  2. PayPal – Another way to go around using your credit card without a billing address is by paying through PayPal. That way you won’t be required to provide your billing address. Note that before you can use this method, you must have had a PayPal account and linked your credit card to it.
  3. Over the phone purchase: This also known as mobile commerce (m-commerce). Using this method, you’d place your order and call out the required card information such as your card number, CVV and expiry date. There would be no need for your billing address.
  4. Balance transfer: You can transfer your credit card balance to a balance transfer card if you don’t want to use your credit card billing address. However, there are certain things you should take note of.
  • Balance transfers can take two weeks or longer to process.
  • When doing balance transfers, same-issuer transfers aren’t allowed that is, you cannot transfer your balance from a Chase credit card to another Chase card.
  • It can be carried out online or over the phone.

Note: If you’re using the electronic billing address system where your billing st tements are forwarded to your email address, then you can shop online without having to provide your billing address. You just

What are the benefits of using a credit card without a billing address?

1. When you use the PayPal account method, you’ll earn credit card awards in return.

2. If you’re using the balance transfer method, that’s a great way of cutting down on high
interest rates that is common with most credit cards.

Are there any risks associated with using a credit card without a billing address?

Yes. There are certain risks attached to using a credit card without a billing address. Anyways,
ways to prevent these risks are not far fetched so there’s nothing to worry about.

  1. The Address Verification System: If you shop online and provide a different
    address (shipping address) that does not match with the billing address on your credit
    card, verification would be carried out to confirm that you’re the owner of the card. This
    verification is done through an Address Verification System (AVS). Address Verification
    System is a service provided by the credit card issuers to help merchants validate
    transactions and ensure the ownership of the card. This is done by checking the billing
    address provided by the credit card holder against the billing address the credit card
    owner’s billing statement.

This system uses only the numerical parts of the billing address for verification. For
instance in this address 24 street, somewhere 92346, AVS will only check 24 and 92346.

There are ways of preventing fraud during over the phone purchase. They include:

  1. Fraud: Using a credit card without a billing address can expose you to fraud especially if
    you’re using over the phone purchase. This is because it could be a fraudster that you’re
    exposing your card information to and that will result in theft.

  • Make sure you call the merchant yourself and be sure the merchant is extremely credible before releasing your card information.
  • Double check the charge before hanging up or request for an order confirmation number.
  • Monitor your account.
  • Use your card’s prevention tool for example virtual card numbers, account alerts (helps to ward off frauds) and card lock (if you’re victimized)
  1. PayPal charges: PayPal charges fees that are quite high for each transaction- 2.9%+30cents to process a transaction.

At the end this fees become higher than the rewards you get for using PayPal. But this wouldn’t be a drawback if you’re using a credit card that earns 5% back on transactions at PayPal and completes a welcome bonus spending requirement.

Bottom Line

You can now see other ways of using your credit card without having to provide your billing address. Just like any other thing, it has its benefits and risks.
In as much as there are risks, there are seemingly easy ways to prevent these risks and if you follow them, it’s good as there are no risks at all.

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