How Can I Recharge My Airtel Line Through My Bank Accounts in Nigeria

Technology is growing fast and it keeps growing every day. Before now, you have to go a mile and buy recharge cards before you can recharge your phone. But this day, it as very easy to get your phone recharged from the comfort of your house. All you need is to have a bank account, be it Gtb, Firstbank, UBA, Sterling bank, Keystone Bank and so on. Whichever bank it is you use, you can easily recharge your phone from anywhere you are in the world. This method is very useful in times of emergency, you can just easily recharge your phone and make that important call. 

How Can I Recharge My Airtel Line Through My Bank Accounts

Today we are looking at How can i recharge my Airtel lines through my bank accounts in Nigeria. So this post is mainly to Airtel users in Nigeria, who want to know and learn how to recharge their line easily through their bank account. This method also allows you to buy airtime for not only yourself, but also your family, friends and loved ones. So what this means is that you recharge another person’s line through your bank account. Great right !!!

But before you buy airtime for your friends and family there are some requirements you have to meet. One of the requirements is that you must have an ATM with your bank before you can recharge another person airtel line. So if you haven’t gotten your ATM yet, you should hurry and go get it now to be able to recharge your friends and families. Before you can recharge, it will require the last four digit of your ATM Card. 

But on this post, we will be explaining another to recharge your airtel line with the new code airtel just released. Airtel early this year just released a new way it users can recharge their line with a unique three digit code 444. You must have heard and watched the advert on radio and TV. That’s because airtel wants it users to receive the best services. 

With the 444 code, all airtel users can recharge their phone easily in Nigeria. Not only recharging, but also buy data and other bundles too. All you need to do is to follow the steps below to recharge your airtel line with 444 from any bank in Nigeria.

Recharging Using Airtel *444#

Step one : On your phone, press *444# or you can dial *444*AMOUNT#

Step 2: You then need to choose the recharge or data plan you want.

Step 3 : Next, you need to chose your preferred payment option. That could be from your Bank or using your card.

Below is the list of all banks in Nigeria that you can use *444# with.
The banks includes; Access Bank, FCMB,
Fidelity Bank,
First Bank, Heritage Bank,
Jaiz Bank,
Keystone Bank,
Polaris Bank,
StanbicIBTC Bank, UBA,
Union Bank,
Unity Bank, and Zenith Bank and wema bank.

The truth is, you can use the 444 code with any bank in Nigeria, you just need to follow the instructions and you’d be fine. With this code you don’t have to stress yourself in trying to memorise our normal every day recharge card pin. Just stay in your house and recharge your phone. 

With this unique code you can easily recharge your phone anywhere you are. Not forgetting as mentioned earlier, you can also recharge your family or friends Airtel line with the code too. Just chose the recharge a friend option when recharging. The code also allows you to buy data for yourself and your family or friends. So if you’re out of data, and it is late in the night, you can just easily buy data with the 444 code to your Airtel line. 

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