Dispensaries That Take Credit Cards

Dispensaries That Take Credit Cards
Dispensaries That Take Credit Cards

Understanding Dispensaries That Take Credit Cards

We are not really sure any dispensaries take credit cards. They’re all cash only, because the banks refuse to do business with them.

It’s not just the dispensaries. A lot of businesses in the marijuana industry are going through trouble getting loans and other financial issues, because banks don’t want to do business with them. Though there are a few dispensary credit card processing options that can accept credit cards at their dispensary depends on certain conditions and the application involve.

However, the process of taking credit cards at dispensaries is not quite as easy as most of us might think, and while because marijuana consumption might be legal in your state, at a federal level it is still banned, and this creates some complications when it comes to making purchases crdit cards.

What Are Dispensaries?

A dispensary is defined as being a place that dispenses medications, medical supplies, and so on. Many times these are located in hospitals and pharmacies. However, since they aren’t a part of a hospital or pharmacy they can be located anywhere. They may be owned by an individual or by a company that has several locations across the country.

In California there are two main types of dispensaries: Patient-run dispensaries and store-front dispensaries.

  1. Patient-run dispensaries are operated by patients who have been approved to possess and use medicinal marijuana legally by their physicians.
  2. Store front dispensaries are simply storefronts where medicinal marijuana is sold to individuals with a physician’s recommendation to possess and use medicinal marijuana legally under federal law.

Problems Processing Credit Cards At Dispensaries

There are two major primary problems with processing credit cards at dispensaries:-

1). They are considered high-risk businesses:-

The payment networks (Visa, MasterCard and others) won’t process transactions for what they consider illegal businesses, so your local dispensary can’t accept plastic. This is the case in states where marijuana is legal under state law but not federal law. In states like Washington and Colorado where it’s legal federally, you may have better luck.

2). Federal enforcement Laws:-

Even if you find a processor that accepts high-risk businesses, they likely won’t work with dispensaries because of the risk of federal enforcement laws. Since the big banks and payment networks don’t want to be involved in such industry, it effectively shuts out smaller processors that rely on them and don’t have the resources to deal with the fallout from regulators.

Dispensaries That Take Credit Cards

There is no direct dispensaries that take credit cards, but have a few credit card processing options which enable them to take credit cards. These include:

  • Payment integration with an online ordering platform:- This enables them to use a payment processor that is integrated with an online ordering platform. Customers will then be able to order and pay for product through the same website or application.
  • A Payment Facilitator, also known as a Payment Service Provider (PSP):- This is an authorized company by the card networks to provide payment processing services to their customers individually or directly on behalf of their acquiring bank.
  • The App :- there are new innovation mobile applications that can allow cannabis purchases, basically, it is a credit card transaction with just a few small added step. 

Note:- since most of the dispensaries are not allowed to use banking services like credit cards. They have big ATM machines in the store and customers can get cash back on credit card but they don’t actually take the credit card itself.

Dispensaries Marijuana Mobile Apps

A dispensary mobile app is similar to a retail mobile application, but with one key difference; it’s all about the experience.

Dispensaries Marijuana Mobile Apps are more than just a way to order products and pick them up at the location.

Legal marijuana dispensaries have become epicenters of community activity in many states. They offer a variety of products, including smokable flowers and plants, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and tinctures.

For marijuana customers, dispensary apps provide an easier way to discover cannabis products that suit their needs and preferences, browse reviews from other consumers, check product availability in real-time, and even see what other shoppers are buying or recommending.


Can Colorado dispensaries take credit cards?

The answer to this question, it depends on the business at Colorado . If a dispensary is licensed and compliant with state laws, then they are allowed to take cards as a form of payment. However, if a dispensary is not compliant or licensed, then they may not be able to take any form of payment.

Do Arizona dispensaries accept credit cards?

Since the passing of Amendment 2 in Arizona, dispensaries have been able to sell recreational marijuana to adults 21 and over. However, one question that has yet to be answered is whether or not dispensaries are allowed to accept credit cards. As of this writing, there is no definitive answer, but it is safe to assume that most dispensaries will accept credit cards as a form of payment. If you are in Arizona and need to purchase recreational marijuana online, be sure to check with your dispensary before making a purchase.


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