Why Men Beat There Wife

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In Africa particularly Nigerial there is general cultural belief that is socially acceptable to hit a woman to discipline her as signs of lessening.

There are various reason why men beat there spouse ranging from
Burning of food,
Arguing with him,
Going out without telling him,
Neglecting the children,
Refusing to have sexual intercourse with him,
disobediate and At least one reason

The Earlier Women in Africa

Some were beatings on the grounds of a poor work ethic on the part of women in maintaining the household while as a result of transgressions which included failing to cook food on time, do laundry, fetch water, collect firewood, garden and discipline children properly,leaving the house without the husbands permission, coming home late, sleeping in the day time or being drunk.

Clan leaders and local officials in some part of Africa stated that beatings were also justified when a womans behaviour towards her husbandwas deemed offensive.

The Modern Days Women in Arica

The modern days women believe they should have equal right with there man as a result argue with their husband which in most case lead to beating.

Most Nigeria men dont like wife opposing there openion especialy when it comes to desicision making in the family.

In recent time beating is a seriously increasing challenge to most moden women who argue with their husband due to one reason or the other.
The majority of modern women felt that men had no right to beat them, regardless of the grounds.

The earlier women women have more respoect for husband man as a result receive less beating compare to modern women who argue frequently with their husband.

Other Factors That Lead to Beating Of Women

Drunkenness is one of the factor result to beating, Drunkards are likely to beat their wives more frequently.

Jealousy is another contributing factor that result to beating, a man who was interviewes stated that he can not stand his wife charting with stranger one on one,that he could beat his wife for that reason.

Interviewes From Women

The majority of female interviewees attributed the beatings to male drunkenness coupled with strict customs imposing subservient behaviour upon women which may lead to Argument and beating

Women confirmed this, and added that they were also being beaten for refusing to have sex.

How To Avoid Beating From Husband In Africa

women should adhere to strict codes of behaviour based on traditional values and practices.

Women violating these codes within their households are seen as threatening to the patriarchal and traditional power relations within the clan or family.


Meanwhile, beating of wifes is regarded as domestic violence or family intimidating behaviour to women and should be advice agaibst.

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