Music Review: Davido – fem Vs Wizkid – No stress which is a hit song:

Davido - fem Vs Wizkid - No stress

Over the years, Wizkid and Davido has given we the fans what to always talk about. Their rivalry was recently ignited as the two superstars released one hit songs each simultaneously. Which is creating a buzz right now. In this article we therefore are bringing both songs from the star, on a head to head challenge. Read through to know which is a hit.

On trying to find which is a hit, we will be discussing the differences of the songs on some category. Let dive into the details.

Category one : How The Songs Came About : Davido – fem Vs Wizkid – No stress

• Davido who has been away from the music industry and social media, came back from the break with a bang hit, he titled “Fem” which in other words means keep quite. This song since it release has sparked major controversy between the singer and Burna boy, but on this article, we see Davido “fem” go against Wizkid “No Stress”…

Davido – fem below

Fem” was suppose to be just a welcome back song David did for his fans, but it grew to be more than just a welcome back song, it literally sent the entire music industry to talk. The buzz was really high.

STREAN: Wizkid – No stress below

• Wizkid “No stress” came about as just a sneak peak at the singers upcoming album “Made In Lagos”. Wizkid and his team wanted to give fans what the album MIL would be like, so they came up with the song ” No stress” which speaks about the singer not stressing his woman and giving her all she wants, both financially and physically, starboy still have his style intact.

Summation :

David fem wins this category, as David return to the music scene is one that every fan were hoping for. Many fans and celebrities have personally asked David to return to the music scene, so on hearing he’s coming back, everyone was eager to hear his welcome back song, and once it was released, it became an instant hit. Wizkid did well but his No stress song didn’t create the kind of buzz Davido fem created.

Category Two : Amount of Views and Streams : Davido – fem Vs Wizkid – No stress

• With just days of it release, Davido “fem” garnered millions of views on social media, something that only artists like David and Wizkid can do. No other artist in Nigeria could rake such amount of view in just days. The song also had millions of streams and download from online streaming and downloading platforms. 

• Wizkid “No stress” also did well with the numbers but not as great as David fem. “No stress” had a much slower streaming rate on social media. It garnered thousands of views on just few weeks of it release. With thousands of downloads and streams too.

Summation :

In this category, David fem wins. Having millions of views and downloads in only few hours and days of release is a feat many artists wish to reach. 

Category Three : Lyrics and Vocal : Davido – fem Vs Wizkid – No stress

• Davido lyrics in fem is noted to be a diss to Burna boy, the song also had some catchy lines fans can sing along to, but David vocals were bad. It was like he came to the studio unprepared. His voice were cracked and I could barely hear his lyrics, but with the help of his studio systems, the flaws were covered.

• Wizkid lyrics of no stress was passing a message to men on how they should treat their women well and satisfy them both financially and physically on bed. Wizkid vocals were also on point as always, he sang along to the beat and made it a song fan can sing too with no stress. 

Summation :

Wizkid wins this category, his lyrics and vocals were on point, from start to the end, Wizkid made sure he gave his best. While David for me struggled with his voice and only created rivalry with his lyrics with Burna boy.

Conclusion :

Music Review: Davido – fem Vs Wizkid – No stress, which is a hit song?

Generally speaking, both songs are hit songs, it is only left to individuals to decide which they think is a more hit to them. But based on the analysis above, we’d have to admit Davido fem is a more hit song compared to Wizkid no stress. The buzz around David fem made it a hit every fan wants to listen and sing along to.

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