Music Review : Davido – Fem

Davido - Fem

Davido officially makes a return to the music industry after three months of break with a hit single titled “Fem“. The award winning singer has left fans craving for his comeback to music, and of which he finally did but with a bang.

The Music Review Davido – Fem As A Hit Song

Fem just didn’t come as a hit but also as a controversial hit, with the singer being alleged of beefing Burna boy in his lyrics. Interesting right!!!

Davido is well known giving us hit that fans always love. On this particular song, davido has to go controversial. The song has been viewed by critics to be a direct diss to Burna boy. In this article, we are going to dissect the history behind davido and Burna boys beef and also take a critical look at the lyrics of the song. 

How It Begins :

The honest truth is, there’s really no history of beef between davido and Burna boy, earlier this year both artist were on good terms. David was also among the list of top artist who congratulated Burna boy on his grammy nomination early this year.

Burna boy lost the award to Angelina Kidjo and came online to admit that some his colleagues were happy he lost the award. David clearly never liked burnas statement, hence the introduction of a diss track.

Burna boy later revealed in an interview in March that he would be releasing his fifth studio album titled “Twice as Tall” in July. After a few days, David also revealed in an interview that he would also be releasing his album “Good Times” that same month. That was the beginning of a battle for the kings. Intense you’d have to admit!!! David also boast that he will be featured stars like Tiwa Savage and Nicki Minaj.

After few days Burna came out with a message on twitter saying “July will be very funny and I shall laugh accordingly.” Immediately David posted a picture of himself and Wizkid, tagging them the two greatest artist in Nigeria.

In response, burna boy came out and said “You cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team, but your daddy bought the football team…” This was a direct shade to David. The beef is getting intense right now!!!

Burna came again saying the fans knows David is not a good singer but was only lucky to be born into a wealthy family, alleging that David father bought him fame. Burna could also be held throwing shades at him, on his Twice As Tall album. Burna insinuated indirectly that David was too small for him to fuck with, was too small for him to hang out with

Burna boy went further and shaded David more on the track “watin de sup” he openly said he’s ready for any fight David will bring up to him, but that he’s only keeping his cool for the time being. 

David Response and Comeback :

After all Burna boys dissing, David remained silent cause he was on a three month break from social media. On his arrival to the music industry, David released his first single of the year, and it was a direct shade to Burna.

David released his much anticipated single of the year and named it “Fem” which could also mean keeping quite. At the start of the song he could be held saying, 

Part Of Lyrics On The Song

you don dey talk too much

You don dey do to much, oya fem

David went all out on Burna boy in this track, he made sure he diss Burna to his satisfaction. 

The hit already has a video, in the video David could be seen living the luxurious lifestyle with his gang, and showing everyone who the real boss of Nigerian music industry is.

With only weeks of it release, the song has garnered millions of download and stream from music streaming platforms. Along with millions of view on YouTube and other video sharing platforms. This song since it release has also been aired on radio stations across the country and has been number 1 on many top music videos on TV.

Song Ratings :

David is known to not be a great singer, and it played out here also. His voice wasn’t great on this track, but due to the high quality recording, his flaws were covered. The lyrics were catchy and could be sang along to. Tho we all have to admit, it not the type of song David does. He changed his beat, rhythm and lyrics.

For me it a 6 out of 10.

Let me know your own ratings using the comment box below. Happy listening. Cheers!!!

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