[Article] Why Do Nigerian Girls Automatically Have Financial Problems Once They Agree To Date You?

There is this general default mentality of Nigerian girls. Most of them always have a sense of entitlement even before they agree to date you.

Most guys, always have it at the back of their mind that it is their responsibility to do some little things to at least help the girls they are dating.

Seeing a girl you like, you realize she has some nice hair on, some romantic and appealing fragrances, nice skin, and she is your taste. A guy with shame and conscience knows that he should be able to give her money to maintain those things that got his attention.

It is only in Nigeria a girl will agree to date you now and within few hours she’s already asking for 5k. For what? I guess its registration fee tho! But there are some sharp guys who knows how to bail themselves from such things

You start hearing, my house rent is expired, my mom needs money for kidney transplant, I want to pay my school fees, I need to change my phone. My makeup kit money is not complete, i don’t do 2k sub, the least i do is 5k, She Ogun Laye Ni?

They want to use you to visit the places they’ve never been to. They will want to give you stories that you both can’t ignore. most especially the phone part. They know you will want to keep in touch.

As a guy, there is no way you wouldn’t have experienced this. you must have at least had an encounter with one who will even think she can control and command you as she likes because she proved hard to get for you before finally agreeing to date you

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