Another Reason Why Depression Is On The Rise Is Social Media.

You log in to Facebook and instagram, your old classmates are posting their wedding pictures, pictures of their new cars, pictures of them abroad, their office. You are still looking for a job, you don’t even have a stable relationship, you haven’t entered an airplane before.

Suddenly you feel your life is crap, not because you’re not hardworking sometimes but because you’ve seen someone better than you. The desire to be like them is in your veins but you don’t have the means. You can’t even ask them for help because they may say no.

You think about your own life and the depression sets in, you’re empty, your thoughts become vague, hope isn’t forthcoming. There’s no light at the end of this tunnel. You can’t afford a meal, you kill yourself.

Sad truth is that people only post their successes, when things go wrong, they won’t announce it.

Your classmate that posted their wedding pictures is going through the worst marriage where her husband is wife beater, his family doesn’t want him to marry her even. He has a baby outside wedlock, but you don’t know this because it wasn’t posted.

The one that is abroad is violating his visa permit and will be deported immediately he’s found out. The ones in the office have not been paid for 4 months but they won’t post that, will they?

The desire to ball is what drives social media. Do not get depressed because of what you see online.

Na scam.

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